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  The ranch is located in the middle of the pampas of Buenos Aires province. Its spectacular park is over 100 hectares. Designed by the famous architect Charles Thays, it has approximately 240 tree species, standing out amongst them araucaria, pine, casuarinas, eucalyptus, banana, etc. This is complemented with beautiful sculptures that altogether form the magnificence of this real jewel of our past. The main house is a splendid castle of French design, the work of renowned architect Albert Fabre. The house is steeped in rich history, and has been visited by leaders and important people from Argentina and the whole world. On its three main floors are many comfortable and spacious rooms, dining rooms, a library, games room, living room, etc. The furniture is of the same period and of immense value, as are the tapestries and canvas panels. The Price includes: horse riding and carriage ride, swimming pool, tennis court, football pitches and volleyball, games room, Wi-Fi internet, satellite TV in common areas, visit of the castle. The Gaucho Festival consists of: folklore show, Gaucho horsemanship, horse race, ring race, polo exhibition, guided tour of the castle, culinary demonstration.

Availability: Saturdays.
Duration: Full day.
Includes: Reception, empanadas (stuffed pastry), fresh drinks, culinary demonstration where the ranch’s chefs teach as they prepare typical foods that are enjoyed throughout the day: This begins with drinking mate, followed by the preparation (and tasting) of empanadas and Creole sauce on toasted sandwiches and pastries.Lunch, typical barbeque with a folklore show and demonstration of gaucho skills on the ranch’s horses: “carrera de sortija” (ring race), “carreras cuadreras”, “juego del dormido” (sleeping game), “juego de la silla” (saddle game), and the finale, trooping of horses, with more than 25 horses that will leave the spectator perplexed.By mid afternoon, enjoy a polo demonstration, while serving afternoon tea, with coffee, various teas, milk, mate cocido (brewed mate) and mate, accompanied by traditional Creole pastries including delicacies such as “alfajores” (biscuits), “alfajorcitos de maicena”, “pastelitos” (pastries) and “pastas frolas” (tarts). In the Gaucho Festival a moment is dedicated to visiting the splendid castle which will impress with its beauty, a style paid by the opulent golden decades of nineteenth century Argentina. There is also wonderful period furniture brought from Europe and very well preserved.

  "Thanks very much for a great working and learning experience. You always keep a fun and happy atmosphere which helps to make teaching and learning a pleasure. Also, cheers for the litres of coffee and sweets that kept me going. Thanks a lot".
Ryan, took a 20 hour intensive course.
  "It was fun working with you all. If I come back to Buenos Aires I’ll be in touch. Thanks for the great experience lived in this country and for teaching the language so passionately!”
Catriona, completed a 40 hour immersion course.
"Thanks to you (Pensaris) for working with me during the past 2 years while I have lived here in Argentina and came here knowing basically no Spanish at all except how to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” ! I am not fluent by any means but I can read, write, understand and speak Spanish better because of your classes." Erin S.

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