Learning Trends for Businesses

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Learning Trends for Businesses

Learning Trends for Businesses: What are the future abilities for your workforce?

Currently companies go through processes of transformation and innovation in response to conditions that emerge on the global scene and the sudden appearance of new technologies on a large scale. Organizations find themselves obligated to rethink the characteristics of their work force, human resource management, and their strategies to strengthen them.

Last year, Udemy for Business wrote an article: “2020 Report about Learning Trends in Work Spaces: Skills of the Future.” In this blog, we seek to provide you with information about the trends that are recognized at an international level with regards to training programs that organizations follow, based on the most popular skills related to new technologies. This information is valuable when making decisions to promote the development of work forces in your company, strengthening the necessary skills to participate in the challenging immediate context which are required for the near future.


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Tech skills and data science in organizations

In the last few years, AI (artificial intelligence) applications have gained ground in all areas of the market: staff selection mechanisms, risk assessment, customer experience analysis, among many others. The areas in which your company can incorporate AI technology are infinite, and it’s necessary to do so to keep the same pace as the organizations that work at a global level.

AI applications have the capacity to imitate actions measured by human intelligence, and the network that supports their development requires extremely complex technical skills. The report lists the 10 most popular tech skills in a context in which everything works using AI technology and knowledge of data science.


The most required skills in IT organizations

The industry of organizations dedicated to the development, management, and administration of information technology (IT) is one that has shown some of the greatest growth in that last few years, ever increasing its presence and importance at a fast pace on the global scene. Even when your company does not dedicate itself specifically to this area, its technological developments directly affect all organizations in general. Clearly you need teams that are qualified in the use and application of these developments. Among the most popular skills are those related to cybersecurity, AWS Cloud, and IT automation tools like Chef Software. At the same time, there are valued non-technical skills like emotional intelligence and creativity.



The future is today. The world is advancing at the speed of AI and IT technologies. Your company cannot side on the sidelines. Staying in the game requires a modernization of skills and expertise on your work force, on your leadership boards, and in the functionality of organizational culture.

How does your company reinvent itself for this new situation?